Miguel Cornelio

Seattle & Palm SPrings wedding photographer

Miguel Cornelio

Celebrating Love: Alex and Justin’s Same-Sex Wedding at Seattle Chinese Garden and Westland Distillery

Alex and Justin’s love story unfolded in a tapestry of cultural celebration at the Seattle Chinese Garden in West Seattle. The fusion of Alex’s Asian heritage and the scenic beauty of the venue set the stage for a truly stunning wedding. From the heartfelt ceremony to the vibrant reception at Westland Distillery, every moment was a testament to their love.

Seattle Chinese Garden and Westland Distillery: A Perfect Union

The Seattle Chinese Garden provided a picturesque backdrop for the ceremony, where cultural elements seamlessly blended with the couple’s unique love story. The tranquil surroundings witnessed the union of two souls deeply in love. After the vows were exchanged, the celebration continued at Westland Distillery, adding a touch of urban sophistication to the festivities. The Seattle Chinese Garden and Westland Distillery were the perfect match for Alex and Justin!

The reception, expertly curated by Katy and her team at Seattle Stunning Events, was a visual delight. The venue transformed into a vibrant space, adorned with greenery and colorful florals. Every detail reflected the couple’s personalities and the joyous occasion.

The night came alive with the rhythm of love and laughter, thanks to the live band, Sway. As trained dancers, Justin and Alex took the celebration to new heights, filling the dance floor with their infectious energy. The Westland Distillery echoed with the sounds of joy, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Capturing Every Moment of Love

As photographers, it brings us immense joy to witness and document love in all its forms. Alex and Justin’s wedding was a celebration not only of their commitment but also of the love and support they received from family and friends. Love prevailed, and every frame captured radiated the happiness that filled the day.

In conclusion, Alex and Justin’s same-sex wedding at Seattle Chinese Garden and Westland Distillery was a beautiful chapter in their love story. From cultural traditions to vibrant celebrations, it was a day that showcased the richness of love in all its glory. At every turn, we were reminded that love knows no boundaries, and it is our privilege to capture and share these moments with the world. Love wins, and we are honored to be part of Alex and Justin’s journey.