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Are you planning your Palm Springs elopement?

For most people, eloping is normally not on their wedding to-do list. But, when the wedding planning starts driving you crazy, eloping to places like Palm Springs suddenly becomes a welcomed idea. With great weather and cold martinis all year round, Palm Springs elopement is quickly becoming an excellent option for couples over traditional weddings. You get picture-perfect wedding photographs, great venues, and the perfect honeymoon. Technically, you have a little bit of everything you need. But, just before you pack your bags, here’s what you should know about Palm Springs elopement.

Is a palm spring elopement an affordable package?

Most packages you get will depend on what you need. But, in most cases, an elopement is usually a micro wedding, so all you need is a bouquet for the bride, ceremony site, an excellent photographer to capture the moment. Mostly, you may spend anywhere between $2500 to $3500 depending on what you choose.

Top places to elope to in Palm Springs

Wedding ceremony venues in palm spring elopement are nothing short of exquisite. You can choose between a botanical garden, dessert, and mountains. Here are some of the best venues to consider.

  • Moorten botanical gardens – first, the cost is pretty friendly since you only need to part with $1000 and host 20 friends for about 2 hours. Secondly, you get to enjoy the greenery and dessert plans like cactus before saying, “I do.” The garden boasts of one of the most iconic greenhouses, the perfect background in any palm spring elopement photos.
  • Casa de monte vista this venue offers a courtyard lawn and garden area to host your palm spring elopement. The venue has many areas perfect for your ceremony and wedding portraits, such as the San Jacinto mountain.
  • The saguaro hotel– no list would be complete without mentioning this hotel. First, it’s the most instagramable spot in palm spring, which means you can expect some of the best wedding portraits. Secondly, it’s full of color and offers different options for your intimate wedding. Whether you want to host your guests besides around the pool areas with the San Jacinto mountain as your background or prefer the colorful outdoor space, this location is the perfect Palm Springs elopement location.

Advantages of a palm spring elopement

Sometimes, couples prefer a Palm Springs elopement because it doesn’t come with all the pressure and decision-making involved in a traditional wedding. Also, you may have a lot on your plate, which means planning a big party would take up too much time and money. A palm spring elopement helps you avoid family drama so you can focus on just the two of you and fully enjoy your big day. Besides, you get to interact with your wedding party without all the wedding day stress and anxiety.

A palm spring elopement may not be welcomed by everyone in your family and friends circle, but when you want an intimate ceremony, it’s the way to go. So, if you are ready to pack your bags and head towards the south coast, check out the intimate venues listed above, look a florist, and contact me for the photography packages I offer. That’s all you need for the perfect palm spring elopement.