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Miguel Cornelio

Top 3 Leavenworth Wedding Locations

If you are around Washington, you must have heard of how romantic and wedding-worthy Leavenworth is. In fact, Leavenworth weddings are not new when you consider how many people travel to the area just for the wedding.

First, you have tons of wineries for that old rustic feel, mountains if you love nature, and enough AirBnB’s to host your party. But, like any other area, there are a few places I feel are the best suited for a wedding, even an elopement if you want to keep it small and intimate. Here are my best picks.

1.    Brown Family Homestead

The most fascinating thing about Leavenworth weddings is the many sceneries you get when you decide to wed here. The Brown family homestead is definitely one of those picture-perfect areas. First, you get 15 acres of private land, right at the foot of Dirt Face Mountain and next to Late Wenatchee.

This gives the perfect outdoor feel and adventure you are looking for. They also have a charming carriage and big white horses if you fancy an ancient theme. You will make your grand entrance on green grasses beautified by wild flow petals and towering trees on the side. I’ve had the greatest time bringing Leavenworth wedding photos to life at this venue. Granted, it is nothing short of exquisite.

2.    The Bottle House

Granted, this is one of the best locations for Leavenworth weddings. Besides the fact that it was an actual coca-cola bottling company, the venue was established in 1941, which gives it tons of character and history. The bottle house dramatically sits on around 10,000 square feet of land, hosting rustic industrial decor to make Leavenworth weddings a to-die-for affair.

It still has the original brick walls exposed and open wood neam ceiling, but the floors are polished to keep them in good condition. The bottled house sits around 350 guests, but you can gamble with 400 if you have a big party.

3.    The Executive Hills Polo Club

Obviously, no list would be complete without touching on Leavenworth weddings most luxurious location. The executive hills polo club offers a place to host an intimate wedding ceremony if you plan on eloping with your soon-to-be spouse. What I like most about it is that you can easily host a grant and accommodate all your friends and family.

The club offers a perfect balance between midwest charm and the modern luxury you want for your big day. Seating on 7,000 square feet mansion, you are sure to have enough space for your event. The club is surrounded by 15 acres of land, giving you that artistic background to make your wedding photos pop. Whether you want to take a shot at the waterfront gazebo, helipad, or have a playful time at the crocket field, this location has you covered.

It’s said that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You want to host your big day at a place where you feel loved, accepted and one where your theme can bring out your personality. Considering Leavenworth weddings will not only give you this but also make your dream Leavenworth wedding come true.