Miguel Cornelio

Seattle & Palm SPrings wedding photographer

Miguel Cornelio

The Best Wedding Photographer in Palm Springs, CA


I am sure I won’t be the first person claiming to be

The Best Wedding Photographer in Palm Springs, CA

But that’s a story for another day. For now, let’s talk about what sets me apart from every other wedding photographer in Palm Springs, CA, and beyond.

To begin with,

I want to be more than just your wedding photographer.

I want to be your new best friend, therapist, planner, confidant, and most importantly, the person who will crack you up on your wedding day. Let’s face it, weddings are crazy and you need someone to hold you down during all that madness. In short, I don’t want to just show up on your wedding day and take photos. I want to be there for you through the wedding planning, the tumultuous weeks leading to the big day, and all the important days.

Yes, photographing your wedding is my number one priority, but you and the person of your dreams are more important.

About Me

I’m a digital photographer who has been shooting professionally for the past ten years in the beautiful PNW, specifically Seattle and the larger Washington area. Recently, my husband and I have bought a home in Palm Springs, and I couldn’t be more excited to continue being a wedding photographer in Palm Springs, CA.

On a personal level, I like to travel, experience everything the world has to offer and make lasting memories with my family. I also love working out and taking a run outside, so when I am not busy taking photos, you will find me doing something sweaty.

Why Palms Springs, you ask?

Well, it’s the beauty of the desert for me and all the things I want to photograph in this incredible oasis. Palm Springs has become the perfect spot for dreamy elopements and destination weddings, and I feel honoured to be part of that. Like the Pacific North West, Palm Springs has no shortage of breath-taking spots that will bring your photos to life.

My photography style is and has always been about telling your personal story. I believe pictures are a reflection of you and so I get to know you and your incredible person on a personal level and share in your love. I’ll be the third wheel capturing all those cute, weird, intimate, emotional, and funny moments on your big day and the days leading up to it. My goal as a wedding photographer in Palm Springs, CA is to bring your guard down and help you take authentic, meaningful pictures that reflect the true you. Your natural emotions, your smiles, your happy tears, and everything in between.

Choose a Wedding Photographer who Values You

To me, you are not a shot list on my vast collection of weddings. I invest a lot of time in getting to know you, your dreams and visions and your values. That makes all the difference in how we relate, and it shows up in your pictures. Hopefully, after all the nuptials, giggles and champagne, we can continue being friends for life. That is my utmost dream.