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Miguel Cornelio

Historic Downtown Roslyn Stonehouse 101 Wedding

I recently shot Erin and David’s wedding, where I had the chance to work with Jackie and the wonderful staff at Stonehouse 101 in Roslyn, WA. It was a great experience all around! The venue is a beautiful historic building and a very intimate and private garden, all of which makes for some stunning photos.

Of course, having a beautiful bride and groom also helps, and I was so fortunate to work with Erin and David! I met Erin a few months back when we did the walk through the Stonehouse 101 venue. We went through the usual questions about where she’d like to do her photos and the kinds of photos she wanted taken. While I was asking these questions, she turned to me and told me she wanted me to decide, because she trusted me completely.

There are few better feelings than when a client trusts you and allows you to pick spots where the photo works best! I was honored to have Erin’s trust. She even reminded me of that on the day of her wedding. So we went around the Stonehouse 101 property and found not just the most picturesque spots, but also the ones with the best lighting, and I think we captured some really great shots.

Erin and David met while living in Hawaii, so it was only appropriate that they add some Hawaiian flair to the bouquet and flower crown. One of Erin’s bridesmaids, Kiyana, came from Hawaii to celebrate and sang them a beautiful song while the bridal party and bride walked down the aisle. It was a really touching moment.

As a whole, the wedding was small and intimate, which gave me the opportunity to meet quite a few of Erin and David’s friends and family. Everyone was so kind and made me feel as though I was a part of the family myself.

What a great day and great experience at the Stonehouse 101! Thank you to Erin and David for taking a chance on me and trusting me. I can’t wait to share more photos with you both and continue our friendship.

stone house 101 Roslyn WA wedding  Daddy daughter looks have be come some of my favorite!!! The sweetest grandma!  

stone house 101 Roslyn WA wedding Her vows had us dying of laughter!     As photographer sometimes we get so caught up on taking photos. Don’t forget to pause and ask questions. I found out this rosary she is holding was her grandmas who had passed away.