Miguel Cornelio

Seattle & Palm SPrings wedding photographer

Miguel Cornelio

Cecy & Jorge | Hampton Hideaway | Seattle Wedding Photographer

One of my most recent wedding shoots was the marriage of Cecy and Jorge, a wonderful couple who were married in my hometown of Wenatchee. I was thrilled to have the chance to be their wedding photographer!

Cecy is a second grade ESL (English as a second language) teacher. I have so much respect for teachers, especially those who teach ESL. I myself benefited greatly from my ESL teachers when I first moved to the United States from Mexico when I was just nine years old—the teachers I had made a tremendous impact on my life, and it’s wonderful to see someone as kind and compassionate as Cecy making that sort of influence on other young students!

Jorge is my sister-in-law’s younger brother, which is how we were connected for the wedding. He and Cecy are two of the kindest, most loving and caring people I have the pleasure of knowing, so I knew their wedding would be special.

They had a Catholic ceremony at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Wenatchee. After the ceremony was over, we headed to the beautiful Hampton Hideaway venue, located just off Squilchuck Road. The venue is nestled among forests and cherry orchards—a perfect, secluded, beautiful spot for Cecy and Jorge to celebrate with their friends and family.

The old barn and cherry orchards made the perfect backdrop for some of our couple’s photos. We were able to sneak off right before the sunset to do some sunset photos. I always try to make time for these “golden hour” photos for my couples on their timeline. The light is so picturesque at that time and adds such a romantic feel to the images.

Best wishes to Cecy and Jorge as newlyweds, and here’s to a life full of love, health and happiness!