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Miguel Cornelio

PNW Mountain Wedding at Cabin Creek Lodge

I was fortunate to recently photograph the wedding of Amber and Nick, a really sweet couple who had an intimate PNW mountain wedding with close friends and family at the Cabin Creek Lodge. Their small group made a whole weekend of the occasion, and it turned out to be a wedding to remember!

I got to meet everyone at the rehearsal the night before the actual wedding. That’s something I’ve really enjoyed being able to do lately. As long as I don’t have a wedding the day before and can get to the venue easily, I really enjoy showing up for the rehearsal to meet everyone, see how the ceremony will take place and scout out some neat spots for photos. I’ve found that getting to know everyone makes for much more natural candid photos.

What was really cool to learn was that Amber and Nick’s moms were friends even before the couple began dating, which made for a really fun family environment.

The wedding day itself was perfect. There was a little bit of snow, but not too much—just the right amount to capture most of the photos outside and to make for a really fun snow globe atmosphere. Amber’s hair remained intact despite the light snow, and she was able to walk down the aisle looking completely flawless.

I also had the opportunity to team up with the amazing Angelica, who was my rock last wedding season and who will be accompanying me at most of my PNW mountain wedding this year. She’s a great partner, because she has a fantastic eye for creative images that wouldn’t occur to me! She’s also extremely sweet and kind, not to mention highly reliable.

We had a lot fun with this PNW mountain wedding, and are grateful to Amber and Nick for including us!

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Associate Photographer | Angelica Marie

Venue | Cabin Creek Lodge

Flowers | SylCadle

Cake | Simply Sweet Cupcakes

Invitations | Shutterfly