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November 12, 2016


On November 5th I was honored to photograph the wedding of John and Natalia, a beautiful and wonderful couple! I had photographed their engagement session a while back, and just as it was during that session, it was pouring on their wedding day. Let’s just say that if rain on your wedding day really means good luck, then it’s safe to say these two have a lifetime of luck in store for them!

What I love about John and Natalia, though, is that no matter how dark and rainy it got, their spirits were never dampened even slightly. Even despite the weather, I was able to find some really perfect places for them to get beautiful photos.

The first look was under a dark covered area at a middle school across the street from the wedding venue, the Great Hall at Green Lake. Just by looking at the photos, you’d never be able to tell we were actually standing in a very dark area, thanks to where they were standing and the angles we used.

Another beautiful location was in a small covered area of an entrance to a church. We did a lot of the photos of the couple, as well as individual portraits of the bridal party with the bride and groom. It’s amazing how many different photos you can get in a small area if you are able to give the couple nice direction—and if they are good sports! One of my favorites of the night was when I caught a man running up to his car in front of the bride in the pouring rain—oops!

The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous. One of the most special moments was during the reception, when the maid of honor gave a tear-jerking toast to the couple.

This has been a wonderful year for me, full of sweet, kind-hearted couples who have been fortunate to surround themselves with incredible friends and family members. Like so many of the couples I’ve photographed this year, Natalia and John are truly rich when it comes to the friendships and relationships they’ve forged.

I can’t wait to create more memorable experiences in 2017!

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